As a member of the Self Storage Association you are encouraged to use the Standard Self Storage Licence Agreement provided. The SSA UK are also able to offer advice on legal matters and provide information to not only help you with legal issues, but to support you with the day to day running of a self storage facility.

Legal Resources

01 Jul 2020
Standard Storage Agreement

The agreement released in June 2020 has been completely revised with simpler language, a clearer front cover, updated for Data Protection, use of social media to contact customers and adaption for completion by customers online.

03 Sep 2020
Manual of Advice and Procedures (MAP)

The SSA UK has produced this Manual of Advice and Procedures to cover many legal and operational areas.

06 Jul 2020
SSA UK Key Holding Agreement

The managed storage addendum is to be used whenever a business keeps keys to a storage unit or otherwise has access to the unit without using force. 

06 Jul 2020
SSA UK Delivery Room Agreement

In order to minimise liability and reduce the use of the managed storage addendum some operators choose to accept deliveries into a common storage room.

02 Apr 2018
GDPR Guide

The SSA UK has developed a comprehensive guide to enable members to better understand their obligations under the GDPR.

07 Jul 2020
Data Protection Policy

25 Mar 2021
Privacy Notice Template