The Self Storage Association has joined with Quest to offer all members a comprehensive Business Support Service.

Quest is a specialist provider of HR, health and safety and training outsource solutions, specialising in Tax, Employment Law, Health & Safety and VAT and offers practical advice and support.

Summary of Service:

  • HR/Employment advice 
  • Health & Safety advice 
  • Legal advice (note for specific self storage legal advice, please contact the SSA UK direct)
  • Tax & VAT advice
  • Access to online resources with over 750 available documents
  • Unlimited calls to the advice line

Visit the dedicated website at though you will be required to login first.  Below are the current login details:

Username: demonstration1022
Password: hfbxxl

You can also call the advice line on 0116 243 7590 which connects to a dedicated phone line where you choose the area you wish to be connected to e.g. HR, Health & Safety, Legal or Tax & VAT. Calls to this service are unlimited and included in your membership of the SSA UK. 

If you have any questions regarding these services, please contact the SSA UK Office on 01270 623150.