Partner's Tour

This year, FEDESSA are also putting on a Partner's Tour on the Tuesday, 17th October, from 11am till approx 1.30pm.

The Partner's Tour is a great opportunity for partners who have been dragged kicking and screaming to Berlin (as if!), and left all day while the conference is on. This gives you an opportunity to meet other partners in the same situation and see Berlin at the same time. 

The bus will pick you up at 11am at the front of the Maritim proArte Hotel, and will take the scenic route to the Reichstag-Building, passing on the way Checkpoint Charlie, Unter den Linden, Hotel Adlon, Holocaust Memorial, Brandenburg Gate and the Federal Chancellery


Arriving at the Reichstag-Building, you will be able to see the ambulatories of the Reichstag, Russian writings from 1945, Plenar Hall, and Sir Norman Fosters glass dome. Guided tours are available in English, French, Spanish, Danish, Russian and German.

The bus will collect anybody wishing to take the bus back. Alternatively, it is approximately a 10 minute walk back to the hotel if the weather is nice and you wish to walk back. 

Tickets for the Partner's Tour are £10 + 19% VAT. If you wish to book onto the Partner's Tour, please indicate this on the booking form, which can be found here.