A new member benefit since 2020 these monthly members only complimentary webinars are held via Zoom and hosted by CEO, Rennie Schafer. 

The webinars are for members only and held at midday UK time on the first Thursday of each month.

In a summertime special of the CEO Update Webinar, the tables have been turned and the special guest in August will be the SSA UK’s CEO, Rennie Schafer, being interviewed by Mark Durden-Smith.

Anyone who has attended a FEDESSA Conference recently will have seen these two together on stage and will know this is going to be a very special event, with laughter guaranteed as well as some fascinating industry insights.  See how Rennie holds up to Mark’s probing questions and quick wit as they discuss the future of the industry, what he sees as the key success factors for a self storage business as well as some of the mistakes he has seen made by operators.  This is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pose any questions (yes, any questions!) you wish to Rennie.