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24 January 2019

10am until 4.30pm


Increase your Conversion Rates by Tailoring your Pitch Better

This brand new sales training, developed specifically for the SSA, is all about learning what makes different customers tick when they buy from you. Most sales training is based on a ‘one size fits all’ approach, when in reality different customers need different approaches. But how can you tell who needs what? In this training, you learn to quickly spot 4 different customer types and how to adapt your own sales approach to each of these types to maximise your chances of closing the sale.

For example:
  • When is it a good idea to go in to the detail and when should you skip the detail?
  • When do you build rapport through chatting and when do you build rapport by skipping the chat and getting straight to the point?
  • When is it a good idea to apply a little bit of pressure in the sales situation and when should you not pressure at all?
In this training you’ll learn:
  • The characteristics of the 4 different customer types
  • To spot which customer type you are dealing with in less than a minute
  • How to adapt your own communication and sales style to fit each type
  • Which closing technique works best for each customer type
  • To apply this to both online enquiries, phone enquiries and walk-ins
  • Practice your sales skills through practical exercises, so that you are ready to put your new skills to use straight after the training
The training is delivered by Christel Land, who you may have seen at the European conference where she talked about Self Storage Branding.