Welcome to our latest Technology & Innovation Sector Forum, in which we will be exploring innovation in construction and materials.  Join us as we tackle an exciting new subject, that is more relevant today than ever as we all look to find ways to innovate in construction; not only to improve our carbon footprint, but also to reduce costs and build timelines.  Hear from a major supplier of sustainable products including wood as a construction material for industrial buildings, and a supplier of technology which substantially reduces concrete volumes. We will also be hearing about the innovations in construction materials achieved by Janus, with an overview on these topics from experienced architects AEW.

Frederic de Ryckman de Betz is the Chair of our immensely popular and engaging Technology and Innovation Sector Forum.  Having founded his own self storage business in 2008, Fred has experience in every part of the business from financing, site finding & viability assessments, through construction to operations.  Under Fred’s leadership, the business he founded won numerous awards including several industry awards for a variety of initiatives, including innovation.

A former director and Chairman of the SSA UK (and Vice President of FEDESSA), Fred has spoken at numerous conferences both at home and abroad on a variety of topics.  The business he founded was the first in the UK to introduce online check-in & account management in 2016, and the first to introduce electronic locks throughout a store in 2020.  Join our well-liked, well-regarded thought-leader and innovator as he continues to explore new opportunities for growth and innovation in the self storage space. 

Fred de Ryckman de Betz 2023.jpg.png


These meetings are designed to evaluate and discuss any new and emerging technologies, and will provide a working group for our suppliers to discuss and test new technology too. We will also look outside the industry to technology that could impact self storage and of course, there will be opportunities during these meetings for you to share your own experiences in the use of current technology as well as adopting new technology.

These complimentary to attend meetings will be held 2-3 times per year and are open to all SSA UK and FEDESSA members.  Currently, all meetings will be held online via Zoom.