Sector Forum UK Legal

Tuesday 21 March 2023

Via Zoom

10.30am – 11.30am GMT

Sector Forum Meetings

Chaired by Lindsey Hemingway of solicitors, Knights plc, who has worked extensively with the SSA UK over the last 10+ years including writing the suite of Standard Self Storage Agreements and the Manual of Advice and Procedures (MAP). There is certainly no better authority on this subject in the UK to chair this group and provide her specialist knowledge. 

This sector forum will help to improve the legal knowledge base of members and provides an opportunity to ask your own legal questions.

In this meeting we will take another look at issues arising out of problems with the storer.  We will cover the operator’s position where a storer dies or is made bankrupt or undergoes some other debt relief process.

Death of a storer

  • Who can you deal with?
  • What if the estate won’t go to probate or administration?
  • Can you continue to charge for storage?
  • What happens if fees aren’t paid?


Bankrupt storer

  • Does the contract continue?
  • Who has the right to access the goods?
  • Does it make a difference if fees aren’t up to date?
  • Can you sell the goods?


Breathing space

  • What is it?
  • Can you still charge for storage?
  • How does it affect overdue fees?
  • Can you carry on with the sell-up process?

These complimentary to attend meetings will be held 2-3 times per year and are open to all SSA UK and FEDESSA members.  Currently, all meetings will be held online via Zoom.