How to implement Dynamic Pricing

Tuesday 22 November 2022

Via Zoom

10am – 12pm

Training Session

Dynamic pricing is a technique widely used in the US self storage industry and many other industries in the UK and Europe.  It allows operators to maximise revenue by changing pricing based on a variety of factors that influence demand and customer behaviour.  In this session we explain how you can implement a simple supply based dynamic pricing system and expand it to include other factors. 

The session covers:

  • The basics of dynamic pricing
  • The data you need to base decisions on
  • Simple models on unit availability
  • Applying to online and in person customers
  • Applying to new and existing customers
  • Advanced models


Rennie Schafer.jpg

Rennie Schafer
CEO - Self Storage Association UK and FEDESSA

Rennie has over 16 years experience in self storage across Australasia and Europe and has been CEO of the SSA UK since 2012.  As CEO of the industry association he has been involved in developing the standard storage agreements, annual industry reports, marketing and operational guides and is the media spokesperson for the association.  He has seen how dynamic pricing has been used effectively by self storage operators in Australia and the USA as well as in other industries.



Alasdair Lindsay
Operations Director - RADical Systems

Alasdair started with RADical Systems in 2001 after a storage industry career that opened with sweeping the floors in a storage facility whilst at university many years ago. After working as an assistant manager then manager in facilities, he aimed for a move into the software side. 16 years later he is still with RADical Systems, now as Operations Director. 

10.00am - 12.00pm 

SSA UK/FEDESSA Members @ £50 + VAT per person