Practical Marketing Training Session

Learn practical marketing skills for self storage managers and owners

Tuesday 7 June 2022

Via Zoom

10am – 3.30pm

Online Training Session

This training session focuses on practical marketing skills for self storage operators who are responsible for marketing.  With topics and exercises equally relevant for larger chains as for single store operators, the training is beneficial whatever the size of your business.

During this session participants will review their own branding presence and website, learn how to write engaging content, find out how to best use images and video content and discover how to design effective off-line marketing materials.

Note: It would be an advantage (but not a requirement) if participants have access to their company data during the exercises as it will allow you to adapt the generalised content of the course into company-specific analysis and action plans.


  • Important marketing KPIs and what to measure in the business
  • How branding is important no matter what size your business is and how to achieve a consistently branded ‘look’, even if you do it all yourself
  • What the most important elements of a highly converting website are
  • How to create Customer Personas and how these can be used across the board in your marketing to ensure a more impactful outcome
    How to use images and video content to get your message across
  • Copywriting hacks and how to write content that not only gets engagement but also helps convert customers
  • A simple formula for how to design offline marketing materials that are aimed at converting customers and generating sales (brochures, flyers, signage etc.)
  • Growth beyond Google: A review of which offline marketing activities can be highly rewarding and how to approach these for highest effectiveness (developing strategic partnerships etc.)
  • Delegates review and put action points into a marketing plan template - provided as part of this training

Trainer - Christel Land:


Christel is a popular business coach/consultant and an experienced sales and marketing trainer with extentive experience working in the self storage industry.  

When completing her MBA, Christel conducted research on the recessionary effects on the European self-storage market and how companies should adapt their marketing messaging in that environment.

She has worked at a store level, local management level (Operations, Marketing) and central management (IT Manager) at City Self-Storage.  She is also certified in various different coaching techniques, has worked as a full time business coach and currently teaches international coaching certifications.

Training Outcomes

  • Important marketing channels reviewed and audited
  • Creation of an action list of improvements

10.00am - 3.30pm with a lunch break

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