Annual Industry Survey

The 2017 UK Annual Survey is the most comprehensive insight into the UK self storage industry ever produced. Over these years both the industry and the report have grown significantly. This year, for the first time, we have included a survey of self storage customers to add even further depth to the final results. The report is now based on 3 surveys – the industry operators, the general public and the customers. This gives a truly complete analysis of the self storage industry in the UK from all perspectives

Thanks to the team at Cushman & Wakefield for completing the data analysis and preparing the final report.  Thanks also to all the members who completed the annual survey, without their input we could not produce such a high quality report.

Download the report here


  • Occupancy increased from 73.1% in 2015 to 75.8%, and revenue per square foot has increased to £22.68. 
  • 84% of the public survey respondents said they have heard of self storage - down from 90% last year.
  • Understanding of the product remains low; only 32% of people understood that only they have access to their unit, a marginal increase on last year. 
  • 70% of people surveyed could not name a single self storage brand.
  • Over 70% of self storage users live within 20 minutes of their unit. 
  • Net rental Rates in London are double the level of rates in the East Midlands or the North.
  • There are over 1,430 self storage sites in the UK offering approximately 42.2 million square feet of space.*
  • Divorced or seperated people are more than twice as likely to use self storage than single people.


*This is a significant increase on the size of the industry reported in previous surveys, due to the more detailed investigation into the number of self storage facilities in the UK by the SSA UK as well as additional supply being added to the market.