FEDESSA European Annual Survey

Download your copy of the 2016 European Self Storage Survey here

This is the fifth consecutive annual survey carried out by the Federation of European Self Storage Associations (FEDESSA) among its member associations and their member companies and the second to be produced in conjunction with property advisers JLL.

This survey has been produced with input from operators to help quantify the size and drivers of the industry across Europe. We hope it will be a useful reference point for investors and operators in this growing and dynamic market.

This year’s FEDESSA survey was completed by 128 companies at just under 700 locations with representation from 16 member nations.  This represents over a quarter of the self storage sites in continental Europe.  The survey does not include the industries in the United Kingdom, but responses to the Self Storage Association UK’s (SSA UK) Annual Survey 2016 have been added to this report where appropriate. We have also supplemented the survey responses with interviews from various operators across Europe.

Responses to most questions in the survey relate to the facility position as at 31 March 2016.

Key Findings:

  • In 2016, Europe has 2,746 self storage facilities totalling 7,776,000 square metres of space, up 6% and 4% respectively from 2015
  • 39% of facilities are in the UK and nearly 85% of the facilities are in six countries
  • The average amount of storage per capita is 0.016 square metres with the UK, the Netherlands and Iceland having three times this level
  • The average size of facility is 4,168 square metres, although they range in size from less than 2,000 square metres to over 6,000 square metres
  • The average rent is €255 per square metre and average occupancy has increased from 78% to 80% in the last year
  • The ten largest brands across Europe represent over 25% of the total number of facilities
  • There have been around €500m of transactions over the last 12 months and an increase of 25% on the previous 12 months
  • Four out of five operators expect 2016 to be a more profitable year than 2015 with more optimism about future rental increases

Download your copy of the 2016 European Self Storage Survey here