Published: 01 Jul 2020
Last reviewed: 22 Oct 2021

The Self Storage Association encourages all members to use the SSA UK Licence Agreement.

The agreement released in June 2020 has been completely revised with simpler language, a clearer front cover, updated for Data Protection, use of social media to contact customers and adaption for completion by customers online.

This agreement has been approved by Trading Standards under their Primary Authority scheme.  This not only provides more legal protection to you but also more assurance to your customers that the agreement is consumer friendly.  It also allows you to more easily join the Trading Standards “Buy With Confidence” scheme if you chose.

We do not recommend members change the agreement other than what is advised in this document.  What may look like a small change to reflect your business could make a major difference to the legal standing of the agreement.  If you have questions about the agreement, then please contact the SSA UK office to discuss.

Add your business information and conditions

There are a number of places on the agreement where you need to add in your business details, information on your privacy document and some terms, such as 4 weekly or monthly contracts.  These are all highlighted in yellow in the document.  Most are on the front page but there are also additions required in clauses 33 and 36 on the last page.  All these sections in yellow need to be completed before you use the agreement.  Pay particular attention to the selection of 28 day or monthly billing and the period of notice required to terminate the agreement.   This period of notice works for both the self storage store and the customer.  It is usually 28 days but can be as short as 7 days.

Online clause on the front cover

This contract has been designed to be completed online.  This invokes the cooling off provisions legislated for online contracts in the UK.  These are included on the front of the contract, highlighted in green.   If you are only using this contract for customers in store, then this element can be removed.  However, if there is any doubt that the contract may be used online or emailed to customers, this clause must remain on the front cover.  You can of course remove the highlighted colour.

Privacy Notice

GDPR laws state you should have a Privacy Notice that covers how you handle a customer’s personal data.  Most businesses have this located on their website.  The agreement is written on the basis that you have an adequate Privacy Notice on your website.  You should also ensure that this includes a reference to social media account information.  Much of the privacy information on the previous agreement has been removed on this basis.  If you do not have a Privacy Notice, please contact the SSA UK office for assistance.


Customer’s goods insurance is an integral part of self storage and you should be encouraging all your customers to insure their goods, for their own protection as well as yours.  This agreement is designed to cover the most common practices for customer’s goods insurance, such as new for old replacement of goods.  We suggest you check this with your insurer as they may have introduced some modifications to the insurance clauses.  In some cases, Clause 44 may be able to be removed from the contract, but you should only do this if advised to  by your insurer.

Value of goods in storage

Even if you do not offer customer’s goods insurance, or the customer declines your offer, you should ask the customer to include the value of their goods in storage on the front of the agreement.  We suggest you request the customer to provide this information at the beginning of the process before discussing the details and cost of the insurance.

If you have any questions, please contact the SSA UK Office on 01270 623150.


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