07 Oct 2014


Featuring self storage in Scandinavia

In this issue:

  • FEDESSA Feature
    • National representatives, directors and support teams
  • Country & Company Features
    • Sweden
      • As this year’s European Self Storage Conference and Trade show is being held in Stockholm we have set out to feature a montage of photos of the operators in Sweden and the neighbouring countries around this interesting geographical area.
    • Swedish Operators
    • Baltic State Operators
    • Danish Operators
    • Norwegian Operators
  • Insurance Features
    • Scandinavian adventure - Development of a “Commercial  ”insurance product
      • Lorraine Dicksee from Reason Global played an integral part in developing the customer goods insurance product now so widely used throughout Scandinavia, allowing companies to grow bottom line profits from the provision of insurance to their customers.
  • Legal Features
    • Real Estate Sales in Finland can now be concluded electronically
    • Norway: Internal interest will no longer cause a reduction in Taxable Income
  • Conference Feature
    • The Future of Self Storage - Conference Stockholm