Published: 10 Feb 2012
Last reviewed: 09 May 2021

In this issue:

  • Personal Profile: Focus on Dick Stolp
  • FEDESSA News:
    • City Box and Store-IT : City Box, the Dutch self storage company, celebrated its 10th anniversary with Store-IT
    • Building efficiency: the solution: According to a report renovating Europe’s buildings for deep efficiency in two stages would result in 71% energy savings across Europe by 2050 and create 800,000 clean energy jobs
    •  Stor-Age’s “Table View” facility - Cape Town, South Africa:
      • Stor-Age Self Storage revealed its plans to develop a modern, attractive, four storey self storage facility, which is set to be one of the leading properties in its sector, internationally 
    • EU Trademark System
  • Company Features:
    • The Comeback Kid from Finland: Tuomas Kurittu, a true veteran of the European Self Storage Industry
    • Jaeren Lagerhotell, Self Storage Operator on the west coast of Norway
    • Takhzeen Self Storage Facility opens in the Kingdom of Bahrain
    • City Self-Storage, Norway
  • USA Feature:
    • iStore Self Storage - 2011 Facility of the Year
  • Country Feature:
    • Self Storage in Norway
  • Business News:
    • Self storage on the rise in Asia

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