Published: 01 Sep 2013
Last reviewed: 27 Apr 2021

In this issue:

  • Company Feature
    • Big Box Self Storage Colchester
      • Big Box Colchester is one of the newest self storage sites to open in the UK, opening its doors at the end of April this year. It has been built using the latest construction methods and has state of the art security systems.
    • Safestore Battersea Ingate Place
      • Safestore Battersea Ingate Place Safestore at Battersea Ingate Place is one of the oldest self storage sites in the UK, possibly the second oldest self storage site that is still operating. It opened in March 1984 as Abbey Storage and was taken over by Safestore in June 2004 when they acquired the Spaces portfolio from Mentmore.
  • SSA UK News
    • Why people buy
      • The truth is that people don’t always buy benefits and features. They buy a whole lot more.
    • Q&A with new SSA UK CEO – Rennie Schafer
    • Referrals
    • 2013 Dates 
  • Marketing Features
    • 10 steps to create your internet marketing plan
    • Marketing to Women 
      • The World's largest Market Segment
  • Legal Feature
    • New Licence Agreements
      • The revised SSA UK Licence Agreements have been released to members and replace the previous versions, dated March 2004 and July 2004. This article briefly summarises the changes which have been brought in by the new versions, the reasons for bringing them in and some guidance as to how you should use them.
    • Technology Feature
      • Technology is not always a time saver
    • European Conference 2013

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