Chaired by Sarah Manning this group has been organised by some of the more prominent women in the industry to attract, encourage, and motivate more women to join and stay in our sector and to coach, mentor, grow, and develop them into great leaders and entrepreneurs.

Building Positive Relationships

The theme for this session is building positive relationships.

As usual, our session will kick off with an inspirational speaker from our industry. We’ll be hearing from Helen Bourke, Operations Director at the SSA UK. You will no doubt have come across Helen as an SSA UK member, but may not know much about her role in the Association, or her career journey. Those of you who have met Helen will know how passionate she is about our industry, and how focused she is on adding value for supplier and operator members, be it through access to top-quality resources or delivering well-organised online and in-person events with great content. Helen has played a big part in the growth and success of the Association over the past 5 years and we look forward to learning more about Helen and her career.

Following Helen, we will hear from Caroline Brooks, who will focus on the psychology of building positive relationships, the role of emotions in causing and resolving conflict, and how an understanding of both of these things can be harnessed to benefit your team, organisation, or business. Caroline is another inspirational woman who has worked in some very interesting environments over her career.



Complimentary to all SSA UK and FEDESSA members.  Currently, all meetings are held online via Zoom.