Meeting both in person and/or online around 2 or 3 times per year, each forum is led by a nominated chair who will oversee the group's activities and disseminate information gathered to the SSA UK and its members. Chairs are chosen based on their knowledge and expertise.  

Access to the sector forums is complimentary to SSA UK and FEDESSA members. 

We currently have seven Sector Forum Groups: 

  • UK Legal
  • Security
  • External Storage
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Women in Business
  • Digital
  • Suppliers

More information on the Sector Forums and the Chairs can be found here. 

All dates for the online meetings in 2024 are via Zoom:

Sector Forum UK Legal

Tuesday, 25 June

Tuesday, 5 November

Sector Forum Security

Tuesday, 27 February

Tuesday, 6 August

Sector Forum External Storage

Tuesday, 20 February      

Tuesday, 16 July

Sector Forum Technology & Innovation   

Tuesday, 26 March


Sector Forum Women in Business

Tuesday, 21 May

Tuesday, 29 October

Sector Forum Digital 

Tuesday, 3 September


Sector Forum Suppliers

Tuesday, 23 April


More information on upcoming meetings, and to book can be found through the links on the right hand side.