The YSN recognises and supports youth in the industry with the idea being for a group of under 40s to get together to network and share ideas. 

With over 285 members and no cost to join, as long as you are under 40 and working in the industry then this group is for you. 

Membership is not only for owners of self storage businesses, but for frontline staff, suppliers, financiers in the industry too.  Membership is on an individual not business base so one business can have multiple members as part of the group. 

Governed by its own board, the YSN is an official working group of the SSA UK.

YSN Vision

To encourage the growth of young people in the self storage industry through networking and professional development.

YSN Mission is:
  • To increase the number of young people engaged with the Association
  • Attract more buy in from employers to support the network
  • Engage members through personal and online methods
  • Provide training programmes specifically targeting new entrants and young people
  • Increase awareness and use of technology in the industry

Members meet 3-4 times a year either online or in-person but outside of this, most of the networking takes place on Facebook, LinkedIn and more recently, on WhatsApp where the network share best practice, gain insight into other companies experiences and knowledge base, or simply ask questions.

There are also approximately 4 YSN Educational Sessions for members per year covering topics such as Managing Bad Debt, Looking after your Mental Health, Add On Sales, Company Culture and Leadership, Branding and many more.

The group regularly contributes articles for the SSA UK quarterly magazine, UNLOCKED and has produced video content for the wider SSA UK membership.