There are three different ways you can be a part of the SSA UK:

Full Operator membership

Open to any UK-based operator.  Full membership is subject to your company and facilities meeting the SSA UK Membership Standard which includes a site-visit from a member of the SSA staff to confirm you meet the criteria. 

Supplier membership

For any institution or company (subject to membership criteria available from the SSA UK) which is, or intends to be, a Supplier of goods and/or services to providers and operators of self storage facilities.


Designed to support individuals or businesses who are not currently eligible for Supplier or Full membership of the Association.  This is not a membership category, so there is no time limit on how long you may subscribe to the Association. 


Applications are completed online on the website using the respective application form dependent on whether you are applying for Supplier or Full membership, or wish to be a Subscriber.


The annual fees for Full or Supplier members are £750 + VAT (£900 inc. VAT) when paid by direct debit.  However, for smaller operators, we do offer a discounted annual membership.  Annual fees are due on joining. Fees are subject to revision from 1 April annually.  Subscriber fee is £400 + VAT per annum when paid by direct debit.

Renewals and payment

Organisations join the SSA UK on an annual anniversary date of joining basis. Renewal invoices are issued 30 days prior to the renewal date.  Payments are made in advance of the forthcoming year and may be made by credit card or bank transfer.  Invoices not paid by the due date may result in the withdrawal of benefits.


Membership or subscriber status will automatically lapse if payment is not received within one month of the due date.  For full and supplier members, use of the SSA UK logo must cease from the date of termination.  Note Subscribers must not use the SSA UK logo under any circumstances.


Should you wish to cancel your membership or subscriber status of the SSA UK before your renewal date, please note fees are non-refundable.

Use of benefits

Benefits may only be used by the company registered with the SSA UK and must not be shared with other companies under any circumstances.


It is a condition of your membership or subscriber status that your company agrees to be contacted by the SSA UK to keep you informed and for your details to be published in the members-only section of the website.

These terms may be subject to revision from time to time.