We offer members use of the industry standard Self Storage Licence Agreement together with a Managed Storage Addendum to the Agreement (for use when the facility holds keys for the Storer) a Storage Room Agreement plus a Manual of Advice and Procedures (MAP) and access to a Legal Helpline.

These three key resources are exclusive to members and are available within the member's only area of the website. 

Updated in 2020, the standard Self Storage Licence Agreement is a foundation of membership and is used by all operator members (or a document that is fundamentally the same) when signing up storers, providing the maximum level of legal protection to both members and their customers.  The SSA UK Standard Agreement principle elements are now used by over 90% of self storage storers in the country and are reviewed and updated as necessary.

The Manual of Advice and Procedures (MAP) is a comprehensive guide designed to explain basic legal principles and outline practical solutions to everyday problems encountered when operating a self storage business.  It is an invaluable 'go to' resource for  managers and owners when tackling the many challenges that can arise or when faced with a situation outside the norm.  The MAP includes important information on:

  • The standard agreements and when to use them
  • Signing up a new storer and ID
  • Fundamentals of the legal contract
  • Overdue payments and selling goods
  • Accessing units in different situations
  • Deceased and bankrupt storers
  • Handling information
  • Insurance
  • Credit/debit card details
  • Disaster recovery
  • Checklists and standard letters

In 2020 the MAP was also updated to reflect the new standard self storage agreement, the use of social media to contact customers, updates to the sections on signing customers up online and data protection.

Access to our Legal Helpline is the third key resource for members and details may be found within the member's only area of the website.