Published: 01 Dec 2007
Last reviewed: 27 Apr 2021

In this issue: 


  • News
    • State grants aid to Steel Storage
    • Safestore scores a century
    • Siblings launch Fox expands
    • Getting the best from your contractors
    • Expansion for Lock N Store
    • Time for REITs reform
    • Big Yellow’s five store boost
    • Stamina tested by amateur cyclist
  • Property
    • Self Storage Investment
  • Scotland 
    • Self Storage in Scotland
  • Company Feature
    • Into self storage with serendipity
  • Insurance
    • Terrorism insurance
  • Employment
    • Rooting out “Gingerism” in the work place
  • USA
    • Cell tower hosting


  • Company Feature
    • Lessons from a European Adventure
  • Country Feature
    • Self storage the Latvian way
  • European Union
    • Climate change

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