Who is Supplier Membership for?

Any institution or company which is, or intends to be, a supplier of goods and/or services to providers and operators of self storage facilities is eligible for supplier membership. 

We welcome industry suppliers, consultants and investors.

Why become an SSA UK Supplier Member?

From the initial stages of considering a self storage business or a new start-up, right through to on-going support to facilities currently open, operating and expanding, the SSA UK is available to advise and support its operator members.  As such, our supplier members play a key role, offering a range and choice of products and services to members who select from an approved and endorsed list to support their business.  All supplier members agree to and abide by our Code of Conduct, meaning members can buy with confidence.

Does the SSA UK operate in Europe?

We are a founding member of FEDESSA, the Federation of European Self Storage Associations, representing UK interests within this forum.  Many of our supplier members trade both in the UK and Europe.  To learn more about FEDESSA, please visit the website at www.fedessa.org

Is now a good time to join the industy?

According to the latest Annual Industry Survey 2022 undertaken by the SSA UK in conjunction with Cushman & Wakefield during 2021, the UK’s self storage industry is still growing. There are now over 2,050 self storage facilities in the UK of which 621 are predominantly container based storage (typically converted shipping containers or similar) providing a total of approximately 52 million sq ft of storage space.   

The UK industry has an annual turnover of £930m and 43% of all European self storage space.  However, a clear and continuing opportunity still remains as penetration levels in the UK are only a fraction of those in mature markets such as the US and Australia.