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11 March 2021

Customer Service Excellence

So, what are the 5 key components of great customer service?  How do you deal with those ‘difficult’ customers and turn challenging situations into positive experiences?  What types of online and offline tools should you be using to extend the customer service experience beyond direct contact with you? Which factors influence customer loyalty, even after customers stop renting from us?  Led by Christel Land, this one-day online session will answer these questions and many more and help you to improve how you negotiate, communicate and even turn a debt collection exercise into a better experience for you and your customer.  

£100.00 + VAT for SSA UK and FEDESSA Members

Online via Zoom Online Training Session
24 – 31 March 2021

From Start-Up to Success

Learn the tips and tricks when opening up a new self storage store from two industry professionals who, between them, have developed and opened dozens of stores across the country.  Split over two days, these sessions will explore everything from financing and site selection, through to design and construction, budgeting, planning permissions, branding, staffing and then fill-up.   This is the most comprehensive training ever offered to the industry from two of the most successful and skilled self storage operators in the UK. 

Online Online Training Session
20 April 2021

Selling Self Storage Online - 20 April 2021

Mystery shopping has shown that web-based sales enquiries are generally handled poorly compared to phone and in-person enquiries.  This training session is focused on improving your online sales skills and demonstrating how best to handle these types of enquiries to improve your online conversion rates.

Online Online Training Session
27 April 2021

Sector Forum Technology & Innovation

Led by Fred de Ryckman de Betz, these meetings are open to all operator and supplier members and provide an opportunity to evaluate and discuss new technologies in the industry, share experiences in adopting new technology and look at technologies that could impact the industry.

Complimentary for SSA UK and FEDESSA members

Online via Zoom Sector Forum Meetings
25 May 2021

Sector Forum Security

Security is always a hot topic and there are many security issues to consider and manage from store to cyber ensuring we remain fully protected from all potential threats.

Chaired by Hugh Murray of BearBox, our Security meetings will offer a platform for members to look at how best to improve industry security and consider risk and compliance.  

Online Sector Forum Meetings
8 June 2021

Sector Forum UK Legal

Chaired by Lindsey Hemingway of solicitors, Knights plc, the premier authority on self storage law in the UK, this sector forum will help to improve the legal knowledge base of members and will assist in developing future changes to the SSA UK MAP and Standard Self Storage Licence Agreement.

Held 2-3 times a year, these complimentary to attend meetings are designed for SSA UK members only.  Currently, all meetings will be held online via Zoom.

Online Sector Forum Meetings
6 July 2021

Sector Forum Containers

Chaired by Chris Bryan of blue self storage, the sector forum aims to drive improvement and innovation, encourage sector networking, provide support to new container operators and of course, share best practice.  You will also have the opportunity to discuss the challenges and issues you face with like-minded members and as a group, consider and debate possible solutions to tackle them. 

Complimentary for SSA UK and FEDESSA members

Online Sector Forum Meetings