Published: 10 Feb 2009
Last reviewed: 27 Apr 2021

In this issue

  • News Features: 
    • Wm. O’Brien Public Storage  
    • Wm. O’Brien’s new facility
  • FEDESSA General Council Member Profiles
    • Michael Fogelberg, Niels Meibom-Larsen, Joseph Collin
  • Company Features:
    • Van der Luyt Selfstorage BV - Netherlands
    •  Bluespace leads the way in Spain
    • The whole - greater than the sum of its parts - France
      • In June, 2007 a group of operators decided to create a national network of self storage operators and in April, 2008 the Groupement d’Exploitants de Self Stockage (GESS) pronounced “Jess”, was formally launched
    • Dein Lager GmbH - Germany : A look behind the scenes.
    • 18 Informe de la Conferencia
  • Conference Report: Third Spanish Self Storage Conference in Valencia
  • USA Feature: Debating the demise of Yellow Pages

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