Published: 14 Feb 2019
Last reviewed: 01 Mar 2022

In this issue: 

  • Is the European Self Storage industry a mountain climber or a roller coaster?
    • The European Self Storage industry is coming of age, having experienced almost a decade of solid growth in terms of supply and revenue. There are now self storage businesses all across Western Europe and more emerging in many of the Central and Eastern European countries.
  • How does the Nordic economy stand and what is the impact on the self storage businesses there?
  • 24Storage Sweden appoint new CEO
  • “Breaking Bad” meets “The Italian Job” as €1.3M of Gold and Cash found at Easybox, Turin
  • Stand up, sit less and move more how the way you sit affects your mood and job
    • Postural coaching is an innovative therapeutic approach bringing together a mix of posturology and osteopathy and the benefits of a mental coach.  Casaforte has created an academy, which unites a group of experts, including Giuseppe Ferrari, with the intention of helping the company’s employees achieve a positive work-life balance
  • Local conferences in Italy , Sweden, Spain and The Netherlands
  • Self Storage Robot Keylo produced by WYCA makes its mark in Europe
    • As more self storage businesses look to explore unmanned sites, Keylo provides an innovative solution to assisting customers that they find fun and intriguing. We talked to Christian Schmutz from Zebrabox in Switzerland about how Keylo has changed his business.


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