Published: 04 Oct 2013
Last reviewed: 27 Apr 2021

In this issue: 

  • FEDESSA News
    • EU News/Legislation Round-up
      • Carles Viladecans takes over the management of the Spanish Self Storage Association ( AESS) 
      • European Standard EN 15696:2008 - Specification for self storage services is available for operators to take up via their national standards bodies
      • European Survey 2013 – Have you contributed yet?
      • Late payment campaign
      • Commissioner calls for end to roaming charges in EU
      • Mallorca resident to shed 14 kg for charity
        • Planet Space’s PR and Marketing Manager, Glynis German’s New Year Resolution was to start an initiative “kilos for food”, so that she could lose weight and collect food for the needy
  • Country Feature:
    • Self storage in Russia: 
      • The self storage industry is a growth market in Europe and now more so in Russia than in other countries
    • Self storage in Finland
  • Company Features:
    • Russian operators 
      • Samosklad Self Storage in the centre of Moscow 
        • Samosklad Self Storage opened its first self storage facility in 2011 and currently operates three facilities with a total net lettable area of 10,000 m2, all in the centre of Moscow
      • The Mobius Self Storage in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities
        • The MOBIUS Self Storage company was founded in 2009 when it opened its first storage facility. In less than four years it has expanded into a network of 14 storage facilities all over Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities.
      • Safe Box Self Storage in Moscow
        • The 4,000 m2 (42,000 sq. ft.) facility has filled at a remarkable rate, averaging 150 m2 (1,500 sq. ft.) per month and filling to 94% in 15 months.
      • SafeSpace opens first store in Moscow
        • In 2011 SafeSpace opened its first facility in the south of Moscow. They opened their second one in 2012. 
    • Finish operators
      • Pinquin helps promote Cityvarasto!
        • Started to open one or two new facilities each year since 1999 and now has a total of 16 facilities
      • Oulun Omavarasto
        • Oulun Omavarasto, which opened for business in 2003, was the first self storage operator in Oulu and in northern Finland.
      • Pelican Self Storage
        • Pelican Self Storage has expanded its services into Finland by opening facilities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (Helsinki, Espoo) and Turku.

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