Published: 15 Feb 2019
Last reviewed: 12 Oct 2022

In this issue:

  • SSA News
    • SSA UK Calendar of Events
    • New Members 
    • Meeting & Dinner in Manchester:
      • On Thursday 24 January, 70 SSA UK Members descended on Manchester for the first Members’ Meeting and Dinner of 2019. Held at the boutique hotel, King Street Townhouse, the meeting was on the 6th floor, with beautiful views from the terrace overlooking Manchester City Centre
  • Do you play music in your store? 
    • If you use, play or listen to recorded music in your store, the chances are you need a music licence. The licencing scheme for copyrighted music has changed recently, with the two previous licencing bodies of PPL and PRS now merging into a single group.
  • Industry News
    • Storage Vault opens 5th and 6th site
      • Storage Vault have continued to expand their reach across the West of Scotland with the opening of their two latest sites - one in Scotland Street in Glasgow City Centre, and one in Coatbridge
    • Have You Made Any Resolutions For 2019
    • Parkgate Self Storage More Than Double Their Number of Units
      • The 75,000 sqft site is owned by the Reed family, who have over 45 years experience in business
    • 24 Store It Self Storage in the Isle of Wight
      • Store It Self Storage is a family business run by brothers Russell and Darren Phelps, and consists of 2 sites. We take a look at how they first got into self storage, and where their business is today.
  • Young Leaders
    •  Insurance doesn’t have to be scary. If the goods are important enough to store, why would they not be important enough to insure?
  • Focus on Christel Land - HiTech Smart Systems & Self Storage Trainer
  • 2019 Winter Workshop
  • Fire! The nightmare of all self storage operators
    • Fire is always a risk in a self storage building, but there are things that operators can do to minimise the risk and also prepare themselves in the case of a disaster
  • Conference 2019 Programme


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