Published: 15 Sep 2015
Last reviewed: 27 Apr 2021

In this issue:

  • Operational Feature
    • Fire Protection in Self Storage. 
      • There have been two significant fires in European Self Storage sites this year which provide a timely reminder to all self storage operators that they should be vigilant in terms of reducing the risk of fires at their stores.
    • Should you ban E-cigs in your workplace?
  • Business Rates
    • Are you paying too much on your business rates?
  • Pensions for Workers
    • Auto Enrolment of Pensions for Workers
      • Pensions for Workers Auto enrolment started in autumn 2012, with the largest companies joining up first, followed by medium-sized companies. From 1st June 2015, smaller businesses will be asked to enrol their staff in a company pension scheme.
  • Legal Feature
    • The new standard storage agreement
      • In May the Association released an all new standard storage agreement for its members to use when signing up customers for storage.
  • Security Feature
    • Maintaining Your Self Storage Security Equipment
      • Security is an important part of any successful storage facility, and is one of the first things installed in a new site, however maintenance of the security system ongoing is vital to protect your self storage business as well as tenants’ belongings.
  • Company Features
    • Jumbo Storage
      • ‘Drive Thru’ Storage in Nottingham
        • Jumbo are a family owned and operated multi-site self storage company who have been providing storage for over 10 years. Known for their red elephant on the logo, they have a total of four facilities, three of which are based in Stoke, Hanley and Matlock, and one facility in Nottingham.
    • 1st Storage Centres 
      • 1st Storage Centres: 10 Years - Giving more space to Newcastle & Gateshead since 2005!
        • 1st Storage Centres has 2 sites, one in Gateshead and one across the river in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. With over 1300 units across the conurbation, 1st Storage Centres have made their mark on the North East over the last 10 years.
  • SSA UK News Ski Workshop
  • Networking Feature
    • Perfect your networking skills
      • If you are uncomfortable in environments where you have to meet new people, you can take steps to break the ice in other ways, and learn to handle these situations, allowing you to become more relaxed and confident in a networking setting.
  • Interview
    • Focus on Rory Windham
  • New Members
  • Calendar of events 

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