Published: 29 Sep 2018
Last reviewed: 09 May 2021

In this issue:

  • Chairman’s Report
  • More growth in the industry!
    • The industry is currently going through a period of strong growth with lots of new entrants and new stores popping up across the country. New entrants isn’t the only area there is growth though, with a lot of independent self storage companies now expanding and opening new stores, some many years after they first opened.
  • Terminating the Self Storage Agreement
    • As with any contract, the Standard Self Storage Agreement has a termination clause that allows either the customer or the business to terminate the contract after giving a period of notice.
  • SSA UK Calendar of events
  • New Members
  • Meet Mrs and Mr Box
    • As a young woman Sarah Jones didn’t plan to become a storage firm boss. The director of the container sales and hire business Mr Box originally went to university to study criminology, before leaving after a year. Following a brief spell managing a free-range chicken farm, Sarah started as an admin assistant at Mr Box in 2007 – and the rest, as they say, is history.
  • Do you need boxes with that?
    • Most self storage facilities these days offer the option for the customer to buy cardboard boxes, padlocks and other moving materials. But how much do you focus on these sales? Or are they there just in case?
  • Manual of Advice and Procedures (MAP)
    • The Manual of Advice and Procedures covers many legal and operational areas and is designed to explain basic legal principles and outline practical solutions to everyday problems. Summary of the the areas covered in the Manual of Advice and Procedures
  • SSA UK Golf Day & AGM & Members’ Dinner
  • Can you actually sell self storage on social media?
    • The challenge for these networks is to make them into a profitable business and this leads of course to advertising. Many proclaim social media to be the playing field of the future for business marketing, but does it really work for a product like self storage?
  • Big Yellow turns 20!
    • It’s the most recognised self storage brand in the UK. Big Yellow Self Storage started in the late 1990s and has gone on to be one of the country’s leading self storage providers.
  • Young Leaders Planning for the Rise of the Millennial
  • Focus on Lindsey Hemingway
  • UK Award Winners 2018 Announced!
    • The winners of the SSA UK 2018 Awards were announced at the Montague on the Gardens in London on the 6th September, with Mark DurdenSmith hosting and presenting the awards. A great evening full of fun, celebrating and networking with some of the best in the industry.
  • Going back to basics to improve your business
    • With more and more self storage facilities popping up, and new entrants to the industry, in some areas, there is now more competition and different options for customers, not only from other self storage providers, but possibly from other storage solutions.

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