Published: 02 Dec 2014
Last reviewed: 10 Mar 2023

In this issue: 

  • SSA News & Features
  • Business Feature:
    • Protecting Credit Card Details
      • Self storage operators often keep customers credit card details in order to facilitate monthly payments without the storer being present. Unfortunately in doing so many people are breaching industry credit card standards, known as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).
  • New Members
  • Self Storage Feature
    • Storage Delivery Services
      • Storage Delivery Services – Threat or Niche Market
  • Business Feature
    •  Acquisitions
  • Company Features
    • Store and Secure
      • Store and Secure - Castlepoint Best Independent Operator facility UK and Europe
      • Lok’nStore – Maidenhead UK Major Operator Facility of the year
  • Technology Feature
    • Technology Advances from Across the Pond
      • As self service solutions have become increasingly effective, many operators in America have deployed automated tools to help generate revenue, cut operational costs and improve customer satisfaction.
      • Twitter’s New Design
        • What Self Storage Operators Should Know About Twitter’s New Design
      • Website Feature
        • Tips for making your website more productive, not just pretty.
  • Conference Feature
    • Stockholm Conference

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