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07 Jul 2020
Data Protection Policy

03 Sep 2020
Manual of Advice and Procedures (MAP)

The SSA UK has produced this Manual of Advice and Procedures to cover many legal and operational areas.

07 Jul 2020
Security Advice Manual

The Security Advice Manual has been put together by the SSA UK to assist members in preventing criminal activity in self storage.

07 Jul 2020
Customer Verification Guide

27 Jul 2020
Customer Insurance Guide

06 Jul 2020
Prohibited Goods Poster

05 Aug 2020
Operator Code of Conduct

07 Aug 2017
Membership Standard

All SSA UK full members must comply with this industry standard. 

02 Apr 2018
GDPR Guide

The SSA UK has developed a comprehensive guide to enable members to better understand their obligations under the GDPR.

07 Jul 2020
Press Release Guide

04 Jun 2019
FEDESSA Disaster and Prevention Guide

This guide is intended to inform members of matters relevant to business disaster prevention and recovery planning.

21 Jan 2021
Code of Conduct suppliers

23 Feb 2021
Marketing Guide

07 Jul 2020
GDPR Staff Guide

25 Mar 2021
Privacy Notice Template

07 Jul 2020
Asbestos Removal & Containment Guide

Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002 creates a legal duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic premises.

07 Jul 2020
Fire Regulation Guidelines

The Association in conjunction with the London Fire service has created a guide to assist members in complying with the relevant fire regulations. 

01 Mar 2014
Security Checklist